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Friday, December 24, 2010


Sorry, ppl! I know I have abandoned my blog for some time. >_< Can’t really blame me as the time is about to come already! What time? exam time!!!

110_ D01925C72ED4D975CB19065CBF1E78DE nooo!

Yesh… The horror of exam… is indescribable! for it can make you go on strict diet! Gives you sleepless nights!!! Nervous breakdown! Stress! Every negative emotion is in the pack! They come with the (exam) package. so yeah…

pc! pega! strees!

Anyways, my sis just got back from Japan last week… and was SUPER happy about it… why? Cause when she comes, my presiess come with her as well!!!! wee!!!! (so much for missing her as a sis… =P)

note: *presiess = presents XP

IMG_3466 IMG_3471

Tah dah!!! My presiess!!! ^^V wakakaz…

Oh wait, there’s one more presie from Singapore…

IMG_3476 IMG_3492

10 10 10 10~~~ XDD My very first make up set!!! wee~ ^^

Even though I don’t get to go overseas “makan angin” (on a vacation), I’m happy enough since I received so many presiess!!! XDDD So yeah… I’m happy with it…

Amorypaz Anyway, Christmas is this coming weekend!!! I don’t think I’ll be having any plans though… Not to mention, I haven’t shop for 2 months already!!! T^T Still, I’m cool with that… I have plans ad goals to reach and achieve!!! X)

Merry Christmas in advance, everyone!!! Hope you all will have a memorable one! =)

reno! reno2! reno3! reno4!

ps: Have you ever felt like your life is empty when you wake up in the morning? well, I do… Every time… =( But I’ll stay strong and fight for I have a lot of things which are still undone… Me is a tough cookie!!! XDninja!

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