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Thursday, March 11, 2010

In about a months time, I'll be reaching the junction in the journey of my life... To choose the path that I am going to walk through or should I say, the new volume of my life... Another book with new story lines and new characters in it.

Life is like a book with blank pages waiting for you to write down the story of your life the way u wanted it to be.

So here I am, gonna finish this volume of my life to start a new book. Thus, I've been thinking of how I wanted the story to go about this time. I did mention about wanting to go for University of Nottingham didn't I? Sadly, The Star does not provide scholarship for the course that I am taking in that U so bye bye, Nottingham... =(

Honestly, there are a few university that I've been hoping to go for my degree but the cost is too high for me to bare... tsk... Like University of Leeds, UK, Swinburne University and University of Nottingham... haiz....

It doesn't matter anymore as I have made my decision on the road that I choose to take... and that is to continue Advanced Diploma in TAR College as like what I have planned from the very beginning.. Since it has the quality and it's affordable and affordable and affordable (ignore my sarcasm)... so yeah, TAR College main campus, here I come!

Anyway, went for Percy Jackson and the lightning thief with Shirlyn 2 days back. The movie was good~ and it's interesting (it's all about Greek methology... of course its interesting... =P) The only thing I find funny about the movie is that... Hollywood has the entrance to hell and Heaven is at the rooftop of the Empire State Building... ahahaha... The thought of it is really funny... lols... XDD

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