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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

I must say that none of my days are good or cheery since Monday. Why? cause nothing is there for me to look forward to. =(( haiz... like today, I have to go for time trial for swimming since Inter-campus starts on the 11th of Dec which is just a few more days away. Because of this, I have no choice but to turn down my friends' offer. They are celebrating 2 of my classmates birthdays in Redbox just now and the whole class went except 3 or 4 ppl. So I have again missed the chance of celebrating with my big group of classmates again... =(( The previous one I did not go because I was not allowed to go. Their time for gathering is too late for my parents' curfew which is 10.30pm. T^T haiz... and this time, I could not make it again because of next week's competition. So yeah, I did not have a single good day since Sunday at all. =((

haiz... This week I have seriously land myself on a bed of thorns. Nothing for me to look forward to nowadays. haiz... Sometimes life really really suck but there is nothing u can do about it but to stay strong and move on. I have been staying strong for as long as I can remember. So I guess there is no excuse that I can't do the same again. =(( But still, the feeling of sadness is there. I don't know, maybe to any of u out there might not see this as a big or huge problem but to me, it is. Cause I am the type of person who likes to hang out with big group of friends, laugh out loud and joke until tears are shed. So naturally when there is a big celebration that involves everybody, I surely wanna go if im invited. But sometimes, not all functions like this are fun. Still, u won't know till u actually went for it.

Some more, this Saturday I can't go out cause my parents got other stuff to do so have no choice but to postpone to Friday instead. Hope they can make it on that day. =((

Now I have 2 assignments on my back which add to my pain and sorrow. sad... very very sad... =(( well, i guess I'll end here. Got assignments to attend to already.

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