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Friday, December 4, 2009

It is already 12.27am and here I am still staring at the screen of my laptop as my fingers busily typed on the keyboard but one thing different for now is that I am not typing my assignments but am blogging instead~ XD

Cannot blame me, I seriously need a break before my brain goes on strike and refuse to think. So I have to let it rest for awhile by blogging. Cannot afford to let it rest by fb-ing. Too risky. Later ended up ignoring my long list of to-do's then die! That time u can see me operating like 7Eleven d. T^T


Today was OK for me cause things run kind of smoothly with nobody stepping on my tail badly or squeezing it till it breaks or something. Laughed a lot today. =) thanks to my funny classmates who crap and sing from time to time. hehe~ Then during the 3 hours of replacement for practical lab was Ok (although it does not seem that way for some other people =X) still it was good cause I enjoyed the class. =)

I think I can conclude today as satisfactory (minus the pile of assignments that I am working on right now! >.<)

peace~ ^^V

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