3 days holiday~~~ ♥

Monday, November 30, 2009

These 3 days were fun~ Went shopping with my family on Friday... And I ended having more clothes than the rest... XPP It is hard to resist when there is sales in ALMOST every shop k??? believe me, if u were to be in my shoes, I bet u'll feel the same way too... XD

Anyways, bought a top in the Next shop and 2 more tops in Hush Puppies. There was this pink coloured sleeveless shirt that caught my attention in that shop... It was love at first sight but unfortunately, the design was not good enough... =(( else I would have grab it without thinking twice! XD

Then went to meet my aunt and uncle after dinner cause they came over for the 3 days hols and also for my grandpa's death anniversary. Anyway, did nothing much over there. Just chit chatting. =)

The on saturday also went out the whole day. Went over to the beach carnival. There were quite a number of activities held over there. One of them was Mr. Muscle i think... Forgot what is the actual title... ^^" Had laksa there... wakaka... It was kinda salty but nice~ ^^

I guess that is all that I wanna blog about... Cause if I were to actually blog everything in detail, I think I'll exceed the word limit of this post (if there is a word limit) and also I am too lazy to write everything d~ XD

ps: my aunt said I have grown thinner! wee~ ^^ thanks to my diet of salad salad and more salad during a period of time... XD But I have been eating non stop for the past few days. Gotta control it soon b4 I really grow fat!

hehe~ cheers~ ^^V

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