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Saturday, July 4, 2009

The weeksss have finally arrive... where we will be piled up with tonnes of assignments and testsss.... haiz haiz haiz... the thought of it kills my moody badly man... >.<

Anyway, my blog has finally revive again~~~ after god knows how many donkey months of dumping it aside, Im finally not lazy to blog again... XD

Ok... the assignment that Im about to touch is first and fore most, PLC... what does it stands for? its actually programmable logic circuit.... but you can modify it to Programmable Lunatic Circuit if u want... yes, u can do it.. YOU have the power to make the circuit loony(illogical)~~~ XD

Let me give u an example... Imagine, the home security sensor... Normally when the sensor detects intruders, the alarm will rang and (for some) they will send an alert to the police... BUT imagine when the sensor sensed intruders, it came out a gun and the next thing u know... water started shooting out... XD wakakaka... and the alarm goes "put your hands up in the 'aiyer 'aiyer~~~"

obviously this is just crapping of cos... i'll get kick out from my course if i were to actually do that... XD

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