Sunday, July 5, 2009

Just woke up from my so-called afternoon nap.... I slept at 6.30pm and actually planned to wake up an hour after that but sadly... I off the alarm clock and continue staying in my dreamland like the alarm clock never existed... haiz haiz... set alarm clock=no set alarm clock....

Damn! thanks to that, my head is still spinning and everything around me is like floating... Feel so blur blur now... haiz.... Recently, I get emo easily... Why? cause of certain reasons... Sometimes when you wanna stay strong but you can't do it, the feeling really sucks and ta-da! Emo is your best friend.... =( What's worst is that... you felt like as if he doesnt give a damn about you anymore... sad sad...

Haiz... gambateh, Balitung!!! You can do it de... Stay strong!!! >.<

PS: Mental note to myself: NEVER take nap during the evening again!!

PPS: Dad fly us aeroplane and we ended up not going over to butterworth today... Haiz! gai nia! I'm very sorry about this k, shir and keat? =(

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