My new love~~~

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Ahem ahem... first and foremost... Dont salah faham what I wrote for my title ar... I did not change a new bf, still with my current one... =)

The new love that Im talking about is my beloved 4GB pendrive which costs RM132!!! wee~~~ I know I know... Its very pricey for a pendrive but still~~~ temptation is too hard to resist... hehehe XD it was love at first sight... The moment my sis pointed it to me, I was like "omg~~~ I want!!!" XP

here are some of its pics... =)

my new baby~~~ ^^

Im not very good at taking pics so it may look cacated abit... ^^"

It actually has 2 real Swarovski crystals which are made from Germany~~~ hehe...

PS : hope 2mr will be a better day... =)

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