father's day

Sunday, June 21, 2009

hhhmm... woke up at 8am this morning but was lazing around my bed for awhile before messing up my parents' bed... XD Anyway, my sis had piano lesson at 9.30am so off we go~~~ after that, my parents and i head for Old Town(their regular spot) to wait for my sis... Then since today was Father's Day, we actually decided to go for Tao but unfortunately the place was fully booked... so no choice but to detour! >.<

Thats when we went to qb instead and tried a new jap restaurant called Azuma (if im not wrong)... The food there was not bad... but sadly no jap set was serve until 5pm due to Father's Day... Then we went jalan jalan around the mall for awhile before heading for HAagen Dazz~~~ =)

Had fondue over there... my treat~ XD Well since its Father's Day and the stuffs in his wanted list are WAY too expensive for me to buy so I belanja him makan instead... hehe XD

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