Touched~~~ XD

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Went into facebook just now and found out that only Tenny manage to score 100% for the quiz on how well she knows me... I was like omg!!! I felt so touched... seriously wei! even my cousin brother scored only 66% lols... But I feel kinda bad though... I score only 66% for her quiz... haiz haiz... gomenasai, tenny-san~~~ ^^"

Anyway, yesterday went to gym for exercise... determine to get the fats burning XD was there for about an hr+ then went for swimming after that... hehe intensive fat burning "programme" XD However, I didnt think it help >.< why? cause for that night's dinner, I still ate quite alot although I did take peppermint tea which according to most magazines, it helps digestion... Still I think I took more than I burn... haiz...

And one more thing, the results for the previous sem is coming out on monday!!! yes, ppl... Its this coming monday... omg!!! Hope I score good... Aiming for straights since we took only 3 subjects XD ooh!!! pray hard and cross my fingers... *pray* XP

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