Fun Day~~~

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Today went out with cx, hsing, saw, lf and yy they all... Had alot of fun over there ^^ did crap and joke non stop when we were having lunch at McD... lols... Seriously I was laughing until i cried wei! XD

This morning wasnt very well though... Hsing was suppose to fetch lf and I but was delayed for 2 hrs cause of certain reasons... causing cx to wait for 2 hrs... haiz.. pity her... but she did save rm49.90 though... XP cause she spent her 2 hrs reading on a book about Amber Chia's life which cost that much... hahaha and to think that lf told us "i bet u she sure successfully finish reading one book d" when we were on the way there... lols... XD

we did went to shop abit... I bought a nail polish from Majelica costs it was too cute and pretty to resist... When I saw it i was like "This is a MUST buy!!!" lols... kinda pricey though... but i think its worth it.. XD

After that, we went to Elianto and Hsing got something from there... Saw SAw bought something from Parkson... A snail plushie which was named Slow... it was seriously cute~~~ Yy couldnt get her hands off him... lols...

It was fun but unfortunately, Yan cant join us due to her major exam just around the corner... Really hope that the next time we go out, everybody can make it... =) Love u all ya~~~ *hugs*

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