holy shit!!!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

The timetable for this coming semester is already out... JUst got it from my friend through msn... and seriously, its very very VERY pack!!! Its like no more playing around... no more fooling around cause this is the toughest sem ever!! argh!!! cham d... with 6 main subjects in hand... >.< wanna know what those subjects are?

they are...
- Electronic instrumentation & communication
- Industrial control and automation
- Engineering materials
- Engineering mechanics
- Maths 4
- last but not least... C++ programming!!! (to think that I have to deal with VIsual basic's coding for freaking 5 hrs straight and its in high lvl language) but this is assembly language eh!!! the language which comp understands directly and not us.. omg!!! I wonder how long will I take to complete this times assignment d.. >.<

I mean... during sem 2 when I had digital electronic & microprocessor, we did carry out a few programming activities using assembly language... and to be honest, 2 hrs is not enough although the program needed is only few lines!!! wail~~~ T.T omg... and I heard that we have to present our programme individually... >.< haiz haiz haiz...

my first impression on the timetable... >.<

wail~~~ T.T the earliest the classes end is 4pm and the lastest is 7pm... T.T

have to work harder d!!! in order not to fail!!

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