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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Today we went for one class in the morning only which is engineering instrumentation and commucation... The lecture last for one and a haf hours then done!!! classes for the day ended~~~ ^^V But thanks to this, we have to wake up early in the morning since the class starts at 9am... =.= so its like waking up for the sake of a class.... haiz haiz... my beauty sleep~~~ T.T anyway, its because this is the first week of year 2 sem1, maths 4 tutorials are canceled... summore it seems that some KL ppl are coming to the college to have something on so our C++ programming practical also canceled jor!!! wee!!! ^^V

So we decided to go gurney for a movie~~~ what movie? its monster vs aliens 3D version... childish i know... but its never too old to be young right? XD The movie was very very pricey... It costs us RM15!!! the additional RM5 is for the 3D specs and whats worse is that... we have to return the glasses at the end of the show but no refund... T.T there goes my $$... ANyway, the movie was not a bad one... kinda funny but i still prefer night at the museum 2... that one is funnier...

Before the movie starts, Alvin suddenly came and told me that he saw his ex and i was like oh? really? and he nod, pointing me to her and i was like ooh... Then after the movie end, when we were walking around gurney, I saw my ex unexpectedly... and i was like... what the hell??? wah lau eh... there's only one word to describe how i feel that time... "suei (malang)" =.=

whatever la... whats over is over... ignore ignore ignore... anyway, 2day was kinda tired when he drop me back... haiz... cant get to see him for the nex 2 days again d... =/ <3 xxx

2mr will be going out again but this time, its all-girls-day~~~ hehehe... sure filled with joy and crap de... XD cant wait~~~ ^^

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