Monday, November 1, 2010


Today I had officially tasted Vodka~ Had 3 glasses of it somemore. =P  BUT of cause the 3 glasses that I had, are mixed with either Rootbeer or Sarsi. I wanted to try it without adding any extras BUT the taste is too awful to handle. >_<


Why I say so? Well, let me describe how it taste like… It tasted like nail polish remover. Seriously! You know the smell of nail polish remover? That’s exactly how it taste like minus the minty feeling. So yeah, it sucks!


Not just that, when you swallowed it down your throat, it gives you the feeling of thirst. Like the ones when you’re about to fall sick, your throat somehow gives a feeling of hollowness. Its like you still feel thirsty no matter how much water you consumed. Not just that, After taking it, you’ll feel all hot and sweaty. (No wonder the westerns often took these during winter)

So from today onwards, Vodka had been blacklisted by me! >_< I mean even red wine and Whiskey tasted much better! But still, I’m glad to be able to try it. At least I know how it taste like and also, I know that by taking 3 glasses, I’m still awake and can even blog while doing homework! yeah~ XD


Don’t get me wrong. I did NOT tried it in a club or pub. Nope, yours truly did NOT go clubbing. >_< Its just so happen that its the eve of my housemate’s birthday and one of us decide to bring a bottle of Vodka for the celebration. ;) And, the celebration was held at home with more than 20 people, guys and girls.

Even though I am still fully awake and not drunk, I am very sure that I’ll be having a very good sleep tonight. XP



The Great Lyn said...

You get to try Vodka!
It's very impressive of you...

I guess you are not easy to be KO by these kind of stuff as well,nei?

ThE GiFt oF LifE Is LiFe ItsElf said...

ngek ngek ngek~~~ thank u thank u~ XD yeah! can say that I was testing my drunk-o-bility last night too... wakakka! XP

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