Thursday, November 4, 2010

Image154 BJT circuit~ >_<

Today was like any other Wednesdays I can say… But, there are a few little things which made it different somehow. XD Had a 3hours lab which we have to complete at least until the BJT experiment as the report’s due date is next week.

fiaca! So yeah, there I was unhappily constructing the circuit. Why? cause I’m kind of lazy when it comes to this… and also, I hate the part where we have to know the resistance of the resistors by looking at the colour stripes on their body! Very very VERY lazy when it comes to that!


Anyway, after done constructing the circuit, I went over to another computer to test its results virtually through NI Elvis~ (according to my lecturer, the creator of the software is a fan of Elvis thus it was named after him… lols!) However, when I saw the output of the graph given by the software, I was like… oh… my… god… O.O the graph looked like some heartbeat of a patient who suffered from a MAJOR heart attack! I was like… no~~~~ T.T since the output is wrong, troubleshooting the circuit is the only solution… (which I dislike too! >_< cause you have to trace back your circuit and identify the error…) *faints*

dolor! mareo!

After troubleshooting, I realised that all my capacitors are placed correctly BUT with wrong capacitance… The resistors are placed correctly BUT with wrong resistance… AND one of the components is opened circuit!!! So many errors! I failed badly as an engineer wei… >_<

nooo2!But still, during that time, I was asked to be a camera model for some TAR College thingy…

haha!So I guess it was not so bad after all~ XP wakakaka~   

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