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Sunday, November 21, 2010

148642_469496528009_737218009_5555560_5890471_n Kim Hyun Joong~~~ My ♥!!! ^^

Guess what people??? Kim Hyun Joong (the Korean actor who acted in Boys Over Flowers and the Mischievous Kiss) is coming down KL next month!!! woot!!! was so super duperly excited when I heard about this from CX!!! (thankies ah oon~~~ >3<)

Auxilio adore!

He is coming to promote The Face Shop as he is its spokesperson~ So naturally, I zoomed towards that shop to see what are the T&Cs to be able to meet him in person~ XD

Went over there yesterday but the salesgirl who was entertaining me gave me the WRONG info!!! >_< According to her, she said that those who spent over an amount of RM50 will get the chance to be in the lucky draw for his poster with signature BUT she did not say that he will be signing it in person. She told me that that poster is pre-signed which got me really really disappointed! T.T


Somemore, she said that in order to meet him in person for signature, you HAVE to spend RM300 and above!!!! RM300!!! O.O I was like… *heart crashed* and AND the 10 lucky shoppers will be able to let him sign a special notebook (given as free gift) AND 3 lucky shoppers will be able to have the chance to take a picture WITH him!!! I was like… no~~~~~~

malo2! nooo3!

Anyway, I went over there again today since we were watching Harry Potter 7. Can say that I was in a dilemma whether to spend THAT much or not… was seriously freakingly reluctant! But at the same time, was very VERY unsatisfied that I did NOT try… So there I was, in the shop AGAIN… y.y. did suggest me to go for the RM50 one… she said at least there’s something better than nothing… She does have a point though, I thought. >_<

sera! So in the end, I went for the RM50 suggestion like y.y. suggested and taadaa!!! surprise surprise! The salesgirl (another one) explained to me that 200 lucky shoppers will be entitled to get his signature by him personally on his poster which will be given on that day!!! I was like… really???? *happy!!!*


So here I am, already filled in my details and passed it to the salesgirl, hoping to be among the lucky 200 shoppers!!! omg omg omg~!!! I’m sooo freakingly excited!!! Hope I can really get it!!! It’ll be a dream come true wei~~~ ^^V


adore2!PS: harry potter 7 was awesome! Although it is only part1, the storyline did not disappoint me wei! Almost the same as the book unlike the previous ones… >_< Anyway, the story was kind of slow to me and boring but that was how it went at first… The suspense and action are all in part 2!!!! omg!!! can’t wait for it wei!!! ^^V

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