Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Honestly, I’m getting lazier and lazier to blog nowadays…. Nothing to blog about and also inspiration didn’t pay me a visit either… So yeah, I’d abandon my blog for awhile now… >_<


Anyway, last Thursday was the grand opening of Uniqlo~ Japan’s number1 apparel brand for winter wear~ It was opened at Fahrenheit 88 and was also the VERY first store in Malaysia~ cool eh? XD Since that day was it’s grand opening, they are giving away 1000 tote bags to the first 1000 customers and also the first 500 customers stand a chance to win themselves a trip to Japan~


So after I heard of the freebies~ my eyes began to sparkle… =P besides, alot of items were sold half price! thus, I’ve made it a MUST to go~~~ XDD So, I called up my “shopping kaki” and voila~ Thursday was booked.. XD

We went over to Fahrenheit 88 by 9.40am. By the time we were there, the place was crowded with people! The queue to go into the store was as long as the Great Wall of China! (ok, maybe I’m over exaggerating.. but still! >_<) We were like O.O when we saw what we saw… I mean, its only 9.40am and the queue was already so god damn freaking long!!!  

fiu! But then again, who can resist sales and freebies? XP Anyway, we waited for 4hours plus before we were able to go into the store… and we were standing the whole time!!! >_< (readers’ thought : man, girls can do almost anything to shop huh?) =P The moment, we went into the store, we began hunting!!! It was so crowded that we have to queue up for the changing room and also queue up for payment! and mind you, the queue was super long! >_< 

shock!Still, it was worth the wait~ Bought a pair of pink skinny jeans (pink again… =P) and also a t-shirt with Chuppa on it! ^^ that t-shirt was the last piece when I saw it and thank god it’s a size M! haha… There were a lot of people who bought clothes two baskets full! O.O no joke! serious! When I saw it I was like…

sorprendido yeah, I was like this… O.O

Did had lots of fun shopping that day… XD BUT cheap meals here I come! Have to control my spending before my pocket went all high and dry… teehee! XP

Note” I did not manage to get any of the freebies… Was the 1xxxth customer to go in… >_< I heard that there are people who went over to wait since 3am! O.O *ahem* I may be a person who loves shopping but my skin complexion is more important… =P


Rachael said...

Sounds like the opening was pretty hectic! Not sure I could've queued up for that long even though I love the brand and all of it's men's clothing!

ThE GiFt oF LifE Is LiFe ItsElf said...

lols!!! yeah... it was hectic! but the clothes are damn comfortable to wear~ hehe... so guess it was worth the wait... XD

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