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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Have you ever felt like you have reached home even though you are still at somewhere else (anywhere but your hometown)? well, I have... Atleast now I have found a place where it somehow made me felt like I'm much closer to home... =)

Yeah... I have to admit, I felt kind of out-of-mood to study recently. Maybe what he said was right... I'm addicted to McD... XD well, it can't be helped! I've been spending my six semesters' exam periods there! <(>.<)>

Anyway, felt so happy the moment I went into McD... XD lols...

its like I'm home~!
It's like I'm back to those diploma days where I'll meet my friend up at 3pm and study until 7-8pm~
It's like my house is just 5 minutes drive from here...
It's like things haven't change abit!

Maybe I'm being dramatic but serious! This was how I felt! But of cause, these are just feelings... They just brought me back to the past for awhile before bringing me back to reality... =)
But still, to be able to feel like being home for even a short while is just great~ ^^
Now I know how it feels like to leave home for so long and not being able to go back... <(>_<)>

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