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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

I had promise to blog more often since I can online more frequently this time right? So yeah, here is another post~ Nothing much happen recently.. Just the same old regular routine...

Go college--> study study, pay attention in class---> keep looking forward to lunch time =P ---> go home

Yeah... its the same thing again and again and again~ boring isn't it? you bet! =.= But it can't be help though... That's cause if u want something more like entertainment, be ready to have your pocket sucked dry/drained! It's KL we are talking about so its fixed.

Anyway, my close buddy and I went to the mini restaurant in our college today~ XD It was a spontaneous decision... haha...

This restaurant is actually run by student of the hospitality course (I think) In short, it is served by students, prepared by students and cooked by students. XD the food was awesome~~~

Had California rolls as appetizers (although they look and taste more like regular sushi instead) =.=
Tomato soup as starters (it was delish! superb! wakaka...)
Indian spiced chicken as main course (hoho~ It taste like heaven~!)
Then we ordered desserts too! but have to charge extra though... but again, it was worth it~ I went for Tiramisu~ and didn't regret a bit! oh~ no words can describe the deliciousness of the cake~ hoho~ no doubt it was my favourite type of cake~! they (those who bake it) didn't let me down~

I really wanna go and try their other menus again some other time~ that is after I have saved enough cause it (the meal) just made a hole in mine... lols... But when good food is concerned, it was worth while ain't it? =D

PS: since it was a spontaneous decision, no pics were taken... lols.. but the presentation of the food was good! ^^

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