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Friday, November 27, 2009

I realise that I have abandon my blog for quite some time. This is caused I have promise myself something and I have to keep it. So due to that promise, I unintentionally abandon my blog. XD

Anyway, alot of things had happen during the past few days. Good and also bad. The good ones, some are secrets~ XPP some are not whereas the bad ones.. haiz.. I prefer not to talk about it. The wound have yet to heal. =(

Screw that.. What had happen had happen no matter how much I despise it. So I am just gonna focus on the happy stuff~ ^^ Went over to Shirlyn's house yesterday for some reason, had dinner there as well. =) and while I was there, I explored her webcam.. eak eak eak...

Cause my laptop does not has a build in webcam so out of curiosity, I explore hers. Thus, we ended camwhoring with her webcam... hehe.. Most of the pics are normal but there are some which are very sampat too... XD share some with u over here... XD

One of the normal pics taken.. ^^ although the camera is not sharp, all webcams have low mega pixels... =)

Nice leh~ *vain* XP

Now for some of the sampat pics... hehe..

Dont ask what we were doing... It is just random act...
These are some of them... Dont wanna post too much later u all goosebumps pula... Abo later worse, shock tiok u all lo... hehe =D

That's all I wanna write for this post ba... ^^

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