Thursday, November 19, 2009

Nothing much happen lately. Just tonnes of assignments come piling one by one like nobody's business. Stressed with this? nah. I'm cool. Still can happen the load. =)

Anyway, like I said, nothing much happen lately just a few. Bought a new pair of contact lenses about a week or 2 ago. Was very exciteed bout it. ^^ Cause it is coloured and give the "big eye effect". Ya, my eyes look bigger then usual when I wear them but don't worry, I don't like a monster or Ju-On. >.< It looks naturally big not like weirdly big kinda big. XD I must say that I'm glad to buy it. It somehow make me happier. wee~~~ XD

This pair of lenses last for only 3 months though. So after done using this, I'm planning to buy other colours instead and from other sellers (cheaper =)). Was thinking of buying blue or green instead... what u think? XPP I think before I can even wear it, my mum would have shoo me out of the house d... XD


So the next thing that had happen was.. I had finally watched 2012~~!!! wee~~~ ^^ Went with my mum, sis and some others yesterday. The show was awesome~~~ The 2 and a half hours are really worth the show. Seriously~ The effects (I heard its a Malaysian who did it... wow~) and the story line was good. Really two thumbs up~! ^^

I think that is it for now. Nothing much to blog about lately. Not being so active in blog like I used to d... why? Cause lazy lu~~~ XP


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