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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Like all girls, one of my dream is to be pretty and feel confident about it... Well, I guess my wish is granted but like all fairy tale, it does not last long... Atleast not forever... Anyway, I was satisfied with it... About 3 weeks ago, my college held its annual PR fair where students from public relation courses open booth for lucky draws, games, selling and promoting items and the list goes on... Then one of the booth was about photo shooting where the photographers from DeSantia bridal shop came over to our college for the photo shoot... A free 5R photo will be given to those who take part in it... It was suppose to be a photogenic competition...

At that time, Shirlyn and I were discussing about the price the bridal shops charge for personal photo shoot and how pricey it was... She planned to go for one of the package... Then one day, as I was walking to the tutorial room while noticing the notices put up by the PR students (they get to advertise their booth for a week or 2), this photo shoot competition thingy caught my eye... And it was a group photo kind of thing... So I was thinking since the photo shooting will be held in our college, why not? XD

Thats when I told shirlyn the news and both of us sign up! We almost missed the chance as we regiester kind of late but thanks to one of my coursemate who happen to know the organiser, we got in! =)

We were seriously excited as the day approached... I mean, to be honest, I have wanted to try this atleast once in my life and the chance is finally here! XD On that day, they put on a little bit of make up for us so that our face wont appear so oily in the photo... So can say that that day was the first time I put on make up during my college life... =)

Here are some of the pics...

One of my fav pic... =) It was the 5R photo that was given free so I use my camera to take the photo again cause I dont have a scanner to scan... XD

These are a few of it... I look so different from the real me... lols... XD
This is the usual me...

different ma? lols... XD

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