2 more papers to go~

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Yesh, ppl... one more week to go and I'm free for torture!!! Atleast for 2 weeks b4 I enter hell again... But that time, it wont be hell of exam anymore... It will be hell of assignments and homeworks... tsk tsk... they are gonna pile up like nobody business again that is if I rot like this sem again... >.<

Anyway, ignore that coming soon mountain first... cross the bridge when I get there... XD
Got 2 more papers to go~~~ aka one more week of torture and Im free~~~!!!! wee!!! XD

After that, go shopping~ redbox~ hang out~ wakakak.... tonnes of plans waiting for me to carry out! eak~ eak~ eak~ I love this sem break~ cant wait!!! XD

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