Monday, June 8, 2009

I know its too late to blog about this but i still feel like blogging about it... XD well, its actually this... I had a presentation last monday (a week ago... yes i know its kinda late to blog about it) Its not the formal type of presentation where u have to dress formal and no marks will be given... Its actually erm... The title of the presentation was "Study Skills"... It was actually something like advices given to juniors by us... So I was one of the presenters... XD not to mention the first to present... no thanks to Lucas and Jason... =.= So there I was presenting my slides to about 60 juniors of the same course as mine... =) To be frank, my presentation was satisfying... ^^V

I looked kinda small in here cause Vincent took this silently without wanting me to know... >.<>always present with style~~~ XD

This is Lucas doing his presentation, the last presenter though (he wanted to be the last) His presentation was seriously good... His language... hehe.. There was another presenter but there were no pics taken though...

After the presentation, feeling relieve~~~ hehe Lucas, me and Shirlyn... peace~~~ ^^V

Group pic~~~!!! ^^ The ee committee and friends~ =)

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