Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Can say that every monday is my moody day... why??? cause i have 2 lectures with a 3 hrs break in between... Doesn't sound bad? Of cause it is not bad but it IS when u have a lecturer who refuse to let u off early and whats worse... That class is at the end of the day... Which means that we HAVE to face that subject for 2 FULL hours... not a minute less... seriously!!! if she can do it, she WILL~~~ wail~~ T^T

Anyway, besides that the day was OK... Went KFC for lunch then head back to college to on9 using Alvin's laptop... =)

Then after class ended, went back to CSC again... to bath and had dinner, get my homeworks done... Before heading to Khai Ling's hostel for meeting... =) At first I thought that the meeting was gonna be VERY VERY boring but it turns out to be very fun~~~ With crap and jokes along the way as we discuss our upcoming project...

The day was satisfying overall... Although there is a mountain of workload behind my back bugging me to get them done... =.=

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