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Thursday, January 15, 2009

GUess what, ppl? After sssooo (im being sarcastic by dragging >.<) many months of being single, i finally found sumone special d!! XD And the funniest part is that we din know that we like one another until my friend told each of us about how we felt... weird huh? heee... Anyway, it actually started like this... About 2 months ago, I started to have feelings for one of my close guy friends... It was like unexpected and unbelievable, seriously!!! X) Well, thats cause we are very good buddies and often joke around during the first sem... It was like u know normal friends or maybe best buddies kind of feelings... But when the 2nd sem starts, we became closer and at that time only I realise that omg.... we actually can talk about almost anything!!! Its like we always have a topic to talk about may it be crappy one or serious one... There was this once that i rmb... He was fetching me home from college and the moment we got into the car, we started to talk about a certain topic and it last us throughout our whole journey to my house... amazing huh? u bet! XD That was when I began to feel like this is the type of relationship that I want... To be with the one who u feel comfortable being with... The one who I can tell almost everything with... Its like we are best friends and also at the same time... an item... hee~~~ X)

Anyway, he confess to me yesterday and the way he did it was like so special and cute!!! I was like feeling myself blushing when he did that... I was really flattered and surprise and speechless... omg!!! hee... it was really sweet~ how he did it? erm... im not telling~~~ XP Then today, I went out for lunch with him after he sat for his resit paper during the morning... =) I hope this time it'll last longer than the previous ones cause my instinct tell me that he's different~~~ X) U know who u are... I love u o~ ^^


thel said...

hoi!!sooo sweet la!! hahaha~~

+ryaN @ DuR!@n +3mPur@ said...

Good for you tung!!! u found someone!! ^^ remember to post his pic someday :D

ThE GiFt oF LifE Is LiFe ItsElf said...

hehe... thank u thank u... ^^

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