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Monday, January 26, 2009

Today is the eve of chinese new year and im in kedah since this morning until now... unfortunately, I dont get to bath yet... cause i din bring my clothes and towel along... so here i am... feeling sweaty and sticky but still doesnt hav the power to do anything about it... bad huh? tell me about it... >.< but of cos i did bath in the morning...

anyway, last thrusday was our second last paper for the 2nd sem which was Analogue Electronic.... the paper was not bad... its like... can past but score is another problem... hee... Anyway, right after the paper, Yoyo, cat, shir, ting hoay and I went to some mamak stall to eat... well, its actually ting hoay, shir and I accompanied yoyo and cat for lunch only cause we wanted to discuss about certain stuff... After that, ting hoay and I head for the botanical garden... hehe... We went there for a walk while waiting for time to pass... After that only we head for lunch with my mum and sis... heh ^^" then we went to prangin for jalan jalan and also ting hoay wanted to buy a new bag.... Unfortunately, we didnt find the type that he wanted so we ended up jalan jalan for fun nia...

In the evening, we went to Penang Hill since the weather was freaking hot and the last time we wanted to go it was fully booked... So i was like peneng hill here we come again... lols... XP the place there was cooling and quiet... It was nice =) we did took a few pics there but I couldnt upload em just yet cause I am currently not using my own comp... So... will upload it the next time I on9 with my comp instead... ^^

Anyway, come to think of it... the year of rat has gone by replace by the year of ox... Another year had just came and left... Hope this year will be way better than the previous one... well, we should always hope for the best or better, shouldnt we? =) *wink*

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