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Thursday, August 18, 2011

I know… I’ve abandoned my blog for way too long… Or shall I say, this is the first time, I actually stopped blogging for like… more than a month? ~.~

What made me stop? laziness!!! Smile with tongue out so it’s not that I don’t have anything to blog about but it’s just pure laziness… wakaka…

To be frank, I have lots to talk about… So many stuff that I don’t know where to start! >< hhhmm… let’s see… Shall I talk about this year’s Bon Odori first? Or the day I got my Korean husband’s album? Or how torturous I was during the past few weeks with assignments, interim report and finals (currently suffering from finals!!! wail~ T.T)? Or shall I complaint on my progress on the very first paper today? Or the day I went over to Dreamz Bakery?

Urgh! … Tough choice… >< I can’t decide! erm… I think I shall leave the latest for the last… >< So… Bon Odori it shall be! Open-mouthed smile

Last month (exactly one month ago… ><) I went back to Penang just to catch the Japanese Festival, Bon Odori with my girlfriends and sis too! XD and and… Thanks to this festival, I, yours truly, can proudly officially announce that I know how to wear a Yukata and tie a real Obi~!!!

Auxilio haha! 

In fact, during the festival, a Japanese lady who asked to take a picture of us was impressed that we wear our yukatas by ourselves! She said that it was nicely worn~ My sis and I learnt it from Youtube… and along with some practice~ ohoho~

*tail shoot sky high*wiii!


One of the pics~ it was taken by a photographer and was uploaded in Georgetown, Penang Fb page… Super like this pic~! We looked so natural~~~ ueee! 

It was definitely fun with the girls that night… Had lots of fun with laughter and crap~ XD I wore fake lashies for the very first time too! (Oonie was suppose to wear it too but she ppk-ed me last minute… ><)

IMG_5965 IMG_5991

Some of the pics taken that day… XD

IMG_6001 IMG_6000

Look at this little Japanese girl… She was such a lovey~ left: her flying kiss~ right: sucking her thumb~ aww… hontoni kawaii neh~ ^^

At 10pm, enjoyed the fireworks with Yan and her sis~ ^^ It was definitely an outing worth remembering~ and thanks to Oonie’s idea on wearing Yukata for a change! hehe…

PS: since I was wearing a Yukata, I must say… the way I walked that day was very feminine (I had to walk in small steps and not the usual “fast and furious” walking style)… Something which I doubt will ever happen if it wasn’t for the Japanese traditional costume… ~.~

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