Can’t-be-describe-in-one-word Day

Sunday, August 28, 2011

I know the title is long but I’ve run out of creative or the appropriate title for this post… >< Anyways, today was seriously weirdly funny or funnily weird? erm… I think I’ll leave the judging to you readers… ~.~

First of all, I regret not going over to KLCC yesterday… Why? Cause there’s a Book Fair organised by Popular in conjunction with The International Book Day… T.T Book Fair aka lots and LOTS of discounts on good books!!! siii!

Unfortunately, since the main reason I was there today was to take the bus home so I don’t get to roam around the fair for long… But then again, I managed to get myself a novel… XD The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks… which claims to be one of the best sellers…

Since the price dropped from RM35 to RM24 nett, I decide to give this a try… Hope it’s good… XD Won’t be reading it so soon yet as I’m currently reading The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown… That book is thick and I have so far read 40% of the overall… Haven’t even reach the climax yet (I think)! ><

But so far, the storyline is interesting… A lot of interesting facts on some general knowledge and somehow, it makes you feel like wanting to study symbology and also ancient history… sera!

Last year, I got myself a Dan Brown’s novel, The Deception Point, when I was at that Popular Book Fair… That book was good… Although some of the descriptions on some parts are pretty confusing and hard to understand, the overall was ok… I’m not sure whether the theories mentioned are true or not but they sure make a lot of sense… As in it really combined nicely like jigsaw puzzle pieces… X)

This novel though, has a different main character, not Robert Langdon… If I’m not wrong, it is one of the very first novel written by Dan Brown… The book focused on one of the US elections and also the existence of extra-terrestrial life…

Ok… I got carried away with books… >< Anyways, due to this Book Fair, I was almost late for the bus! Luckily when I reached, I still have 5 minutes to spare… Was literally banging everyone along the way… ~.~ felt a lot like some clumsy, irresponsible main actress of some chick movie… ><! pajaro!

So yeah… That’s how my day went… wakakaz… nose!

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