City Hunter~

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Recently began to develop a liking towards Lee Min Ho after being introduced to City Hunter~ >w< But nevertheless, Kim Hyun Joong is still my number 1~~~ XDD

Ahh~ I love love loveee the couple in that drama! So compatible and cute~ >w< sweet hor? sweet hor? XD and and… it seems that they are actually dating too! ahahaa~~~ they have my blessings~ ilove! 

I’m still in my exam week… but fear not! For I have one more paper to go and freedom here I come!!! woots~~~ Auxilio 

But then again, 21st Sept (of all dates to choose! ~.~ Saw, u better make sure one of ur birthday wish is for me to score my exams with flying colours! ><!) will be known as the Judgement Day! as it will be the day the results are out! >< pray hard pray hard~ ><


crap… I have one more paper left but somehow I’m in a semi-holiday mood already!… oh God… >< I guess, enough of fantasy nonsense… time to bury myself back into reality and books… Best of luck to those who are taking their exams as well! >:D studia2!

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