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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Hey, ppl! After a period of MIA, I’m finally back again! XD and this time, I’m here to share my very first experience of going for a manicure and pedicure treatment!

My  friend and I went to The Olivia Nail Spa located at PJ area~ My friend was interested in this discount offered by the Groupon Malaysia website and tagged me through fb on it (since I did mention that I’d like to try out manicure and pedicure treatment as I’d never done it before)~

The Groupon that we bought entitle us a 90 minutes Paraffin Spa Mani-Pedi for only RM38 (NP: RM138)! So off we went for the treatment~

mainThe Olivia Nail Spa~

As it was my very first time entering a nail parlour, I was filled with much excitement and much curiousity of the whole thing. Upon reaching the place, the manicurists asked us to pay a visit to the washroom first as the process will be very time consuming and toilet breaks are a no-no…


Look at how nicely decorated is the sink~ cute~ :3

Then the paraffin treatment started off with the normal stuff like trimming of your nails, removing the current nail polish on your finger and toe nails, scrubbing off the dead skin cells and dirt… It was very comforting as you just have to sit there and be treated like a queen… =P The people there are friendly too! thumbs up for that~ Thumbs up Winking smile

IMG_5774 IMG_5773

Left: some of the toe nails designs available~

Right: their (the manicurists) work trolley~ which they need to aid them in making us feel like queens… Open-mouthed smile

I dare say, for the first few minutes or 1 hour, I was practically quiet… I did nothing but merely stared at my feet while they were getting trimmed, nail polish removed, and scrubbed… Why? cause I was overwhelmed by the whole thing… like the thought of me actually having MY manicure and pedicure was speechless… lols… I know I sound like a hillbilly but that was exactly how I felt! >_< It was like a kid looking at her mother cook her favourite dish with close attention… XD

IMG_5792  IMG_5772

left: the comfy seats for where we get our treatment done~

right: one whole shelf of O.P.I. nail polishes~ adore!

Besides getting our nails cleaned, the dead cells around our feet are removed and cleaned as well~ which had me laughing as my feet are sensitive to touch… the manicurist laughed at me as well… >< hehe… not only that, foot and hand massage were included too! A blue colour scrubbing gel was used to scrub off all the dead cells and dirt from our legs and hands… followed by a touch of sweet scent lotion~ ah~ pampered~ relax!


Feet were being soaked in warm water during the before-paraffin-wax-treament

After that, our feet and hands are coated with a  thin layer of paraffin wax (it was kind of hot for me so I was practically shouting “ouch~” repeatedly… embarrassing, I know… =.=) before wrapping them up and covering them with big “socks” and “gloves”. This is to allow the wax to cage in truant moisture, resulting in soft velvety skin~

IMG_5782We looked like babies with the pink “socks” and “gloves”


So we sat there with our hands and feet wrapped for quite some time before they are removed… Then the excess wax was removed and a little process of cleaning up on the toes were done before they proceed to paint our nails~! While waiting for the toe nails to dry, they carried on with removing the wax from our hands and did the same thing.

After our nails were painted, we were asked if we liked to design our nails with various nail arts and design available there… So, yeap, we did opt for nail art on all of our finger nails and also on both of our biggest toe nails! hehe!

The result? tah-dah~!

IMG_5801 IMG_5800

IMG_5797 IMG_5785

Top: Finger nails on the left are mine~ On the right, my friend’s~

Bottom: Our toe nails~ and mine~

I forgot to take a pic of my friend’s toe nails up close though~ ><

The price of nail art range from RM3 to RM10 per nail depending on the complexity of the design you want~ Some are drawn and some are stick ons… =)

and thousand apologies for I did not take the photos of our manicurist with us in it. Sad smile but for more info, do go over their FB page~ their photos are there… Both Angel and Amy~ =)

Overall, I’d say:

  • This is a very nice and memorable experience for me… Had fun~ =DD
  • The manicurists are real lovely and friendly people~ even my friend agreed with me… Open-mouthed smile 
  • Will I consider coming again? Of course~ =) (but not so soon cause the only thing holding me back is money~ I’m broke… cheap meals everyday from now on! ><)
  • But then again, the place is quite far from where I’m staying so (if it wasn’t for my friend.. thankies!) transport is also a problem… but if there’s a will there’s a way no? Smile with tongue out

PS: the manicurist complimented on my water marbling design saying that it was really pretty for a beginner when she was removing my nail polish (yes, ppl… my water marbling nail design stayed on for quite a long time! ^^V)~  *proud of myself* Smile with tongue out

PPS: oh yeah~ they do offer classes on nail arts and designs too! ^^

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