Thousand apologies~

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Sorry for my lack of updates!!! ><

Been very very VERY busy lately…

Why? cause I already start my industrial training aka work…

so yeah… there goes 80% of my time of the week…


But still, its a good thing though… Atleast I no longer have to stay at home and rot…


Anyways, get ready ppl cause this is gonna be a very LONG post…

Gonna cramp all of what I did for the past few weeks in it…

ok… ahem ahem *clear throat*

Went beach picnic with some of my college friends at early Feb (if I’m not wrong… ><)


At HardRock Hotel’s beach~ woot! XD



Before going for Banana Boat!!! XD


and off we go! wee~~~


After de activity… all soaking wet!


At last, makan time! XD picnic by the beach… romantic hor? =P

Next~ Gathering of M61 (Diploma classmates…) XD



Xiong Jun came back from Aussie during cny period~ X)


Moving on~ to an outing with the girls~

IMG_4176  IMG_4178IMG_4181 IMG_4186 

love them~ ^^

Then, redbox outing with my college friends again~

IMG_4188  IMG_4192

I looked fat in this pic… T.T Llora


Oh ya~ then the latest outing~ Cultural Fair at USM!!! XD my sis cosplay as Yu Kanda that day… X)

IMG_3318 IMG_3316

Characters from D.Gray Man~ X)

IMG_3342 IMG_3340

My sis and I~ get to wear Yukata for the first time!!! *squeals* ^^

IMG_3353 IMG_3329

From left : my sis’s whole group of friends! aka my juniors~ XD ; the Japanese ladies helping my sis to wear her Yukata… X)  

IMG_3297 IMG_3350

IMG_4271 IMG_3307

IMG_3305 IMG_3319

IMG_4254 IMG_3360

IMG_4256 IMG_4279

IMG_4281 IMG_4248 IMG_3351 IMG_3350

These are some of the pics~ ^^ Had lots of fun that day~ =) Waiting for the next event soon~ X)

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