Monday, January 31, 2011

I know I have abandon my blog for a very long time. >_< It can’t be helped when there’s no inspiration and nothing to blog about. Besides, I was being a couch potato these few days.

nose!Anyway, I went out with my girlfriends on Friday for breakfast, movie and lunch~ Catch up with one another and had a great time~

Went for lunch at Bar.b.q Plaza~ It was newly opened at Gurney Plaza and Yan wanted to give it a try. Can say that I have went there twice when I was in KL and the food was delish~ ^^

179685_10150106919583377_702658376_6089817_2345633_n Had Supreme Pork set that day~ ^^


The bacon roll~ (I think that’s the name.. forgot what it was actually called) >_<

They were delish~~~  adore2!

One more good thing about it is that… 20% discount is given for students (flash your student ID!) everyday!!! From 10am to 5pm~

Feel free to go for a try~ you won’t regret it~ =D

PS : photo credits go to Yan~ X)


The Great Lyn said...

Really Oiishi desu yo~!

I wanna go eat there again~!

ThE GiFt oF LifE Is LiFe ItsElf said...

hehe... ai zai la~ XD

Delcious Icecream


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