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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Parfum~ the French word for perfume~ something which can help boost the confidence of a lady~ A fashion accessory to make one smell better and refreshed~ hohoho~~~ never once will I say no to perfumes~ their smell are hard to resist for me... but... I only go for western perfumes~ middle east perfumes are not to my liking...

so, allow me to present the 2 most recent perfumes that I'm craving for right now~

First and fore most,

Chance by Chanel~

tah dah~
The quote for this perfume is "Chance: the decidedly young scent for those who dare to dream~"

^^ It has a few more colours which are green and orange~ but since pink is my fav, I go for that colour instead~ =D

One thing I like about this perfume is it's brand~ It's Chanel that we are talking about, baby~ The Chanel~ famous, popular and high in quality~ woot~ ^^
The smell of the perfume is very smoothing but kinda strong if u put too much though... But still, that smell gave me a smell of familiarity like I've known the smell from somewhere but can't remember from where... ^^"

The price in Malaysia for 35ml bottle is RM222 and 100ml costs about rm322! (pardon me if my price review is wrong... Couldn't remember much of the pricing.. sorry! >.<")

Anyway, moving on to the 2nd perfume~
Incanto Bloom by Salvatore Ferragamo
ahh~~~ my second ♥~
The ingredients? I'm not really sure but its the mixture of floral and fruity scent~ hoho~ Am lovey it now~! woot! ^^

Too bad I already requested my this year's birthday present from dad else I would have ask for this instead! >.<>

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