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Friday, May 28, 2010

Well, for temporary since I am back to my hometown for the long weekend~ It's been ages since I last on9. Fine, it was not that long but it felt that long to me! >< >

Had attended 2 weeks lessons so far and it was fun~ or a better word to describe the whole thing is erm... "different"... ;)

How different? Very different. The lecturers, the environment and the subjects~ More challenging as it is no longer Diploma but Advanced already! Advanced Diploma = Degree... And can say that the way the lecturers teach are wayyy different~ for one, they do not accept "I don't know" as your answer when a question is directed. So can say that it's kinda pressure when you are in the class but you'll tend to be more alert though...

I literally felt like this when I was asked a question...
Manage to answer them though... (luckily)
but still....

Have to study more~!
Expect the unexpected~ =P

But nevertheless, the classes are interesting~ so far am enjoying my college life in KL... Except the fact that I have to walk a very very very long distance from a lecture hall to a tutorial room... and for the first week, the campus was so big that it got me all confused...
To make the matters worse, the weather was freaking hot!!! So yeah, I was actually doing my work out during the time I spend in college... was sweating every single day...

=D =P ^^

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