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Friday, April 30, 2010


yeah... I know that I've abandon my blog for quite some time... It can't be helped~ Been working part time during this semester break instead staying at home rotting, u see.

so yeah.. I've been working my ass off for 8 hours straight...
It's like
housework in the morning,
work in the afternoon and
online/chilling out in the midnight...

yeah... That's exactly how my daily routine works... boring huh? I know... but it can't be helped... for the sake of $$~~~ I must tahan~!!!
even if it means having no chance to catch the latest movies, hanging out with my crazy gang (except for one who work at the same place at I do) and watching animes, my Japanese drama series (Nodame Cantobile~ T^T)

T-A-H-A-N!!! for the sake of $$$~~~ (money money money~ money~! *tune from the Donald Trump show thingy* >.<)

Anyways, there was a warehouse sale for Coach handbags at G Hotel today~ so went over to keh poh keh poh thinking that who knows maybe I can fish out something from there...

but too bad I was a hill billy in handbags... cause the items sold over there costs a minimum of RM1xx after discount!!! Yes, u heard me... AFTER discount!!! I was like oh my freaking God!!! and talking about touch the miracle?! hell yeah, my hands are "miracle".. why? cause they are good at picking the most expensive stuff.. its like the first handbag which I took a look at the price was RM750~! with a discount of 50% though... and the handphone key chain costs RM225!!! omg... and the pattern was just a simple flower! >.<>

The last handbag which I saw that made me give up on this warehouse sale was a handbag which costs RM1600 without discount!!! (It's a new arrival) oh my good God~! I was like that's it... that is not a place for me to be~ so then I terbang myself out~ omg... wait till I get my first solid salary then who knows? maybe I'll be buying one of it's limited editions instead!

yeah I know I'm dreaming... but it won't hurt to dream, right? =P

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