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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Time really flies...

This week is the last week of my last sem studying Diploma... There are mixed feelings in my head when I thought of it... I mean...
Should I be happy cause I'm going for a higher level for my education?
Or excited cause I'm going out of town for Advance Diploma?
Nervous cause I scared I screw up this sem?
Or Reluctant cause it's going to be my first time away from my hometown for 2 long years?

The answer... I don't know... I really don't know... Everything happens in a blink of an eye... I felt like as though my 1st sem of 1st year of Diploma was just yesterday... I remembered telling one of my friends this when we saw our seniors returning to the college for convocation...

"Eh, those are our seniors... wah... they are back for their convocation lo... I wonder how will ours be like?"

and here I am going to face my last and final exams next week... and will be beating TAR College Penang branch Goodbye if I successfully pass this exam (pray hard that I won't screw up this sem)...

Anyway, it's been a very memorable 2 years I'll say... =) I mean yeah, there have been some misunderstanding, some disagreement, some suffering (the homework as high as a mountain!) But still, there are times when we laugh, we joke and crap endlessly under the sun... =)

Even though I feel stressed at times (especially during test and assignment weeks), everything will always be better after I successfully hang in there and endured the pain and sufferings... Like a quote which I always believe in... "The Best is Yet to Come" =)

The classes, the lecturers, my classmates, course mates, those I knew through InterCampus Sports Competition and others whom I already know before entering college... It's nice to have gotten the chance to know you all... =)

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