Friday the 13th

Friday, March 13, 2009

Today is friday the 13th... and to think t5hat it was suppose to be freaky and "malang"... well... so far... my day had went well... not really malang la... just quite challenging nia... Why? erm... Cause in this new semester, we are suppose to finish 2 projects together with a report on it by the end of week 7!!! and mind u... the projects are not as simple as the previous ones that we have done... seriously man, compare to those assignments that we have done previously, this one is WAY tougher! My head almost ended up suffering from brain damage... serious! no joke wei!

anyway, I am currently onlining in a cyber cafe near my house... Unbelievable huh? i know i know... actually this is my 2nd time going cc to surf the net d... cause my line at home noob... >.<>.< busy busy again...

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