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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

This morning I just had my BM presentation and my group happen to be the first to present... Since I were the leader of the group, I, unfortunately, became the first to present... So "wee!!" for me... It was seriously bad man... I mean imagine this scenerio.... The first day of presentation, you happen to be the first to present in the very first group!!! I was so god damn nervous wei! T.T Anyway, the presentation was quite crappy and trashy (cant blame me, I just prepared it last night at 9pm!!!)...

The moment i step out to the front of the class, my stomach was shrinking and my intestines was tied into a tight knot... Seriously! Im not being sarcastic here k... When I was presenting, 5 minutes were more like 5 hours... Time was running slower than the speed of a snail!! haiz... Anyway, after the 5 torturing minutes have passed, I was like sigh in relieve the moment I sat my butt on a chair... It was a tough presentation alright... But Im glad that it's over... ^^

Some of us who had our presentation today... ^^

A funnier pic... XD

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