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Thursday, September 29, 2011

I’ve abandoned my blog again… I guessed I’ve given in to lazyness WAY too much recently. ><

Anyway, here I am update it to prevent it from growing any more spider webs. ahem ahem… Allow me to talk about what I did during my semester break. Although it was just a short 3 weeks break, I had much more fun than I ever did when I am in KL. (money also flew faster unfortunately. ><)

Ok… Let’s start with the very first outing after I went back to Penang…

Breakfast and lepak with the girls! ^^

Went over to McD for breakfast before going over to 1st Avenue for some window shopping and Chatime! wee~ :D

IMG_6177 IMG_6183

It was a short outing as Oonie has work later afternoon and yy has yet to reach Penang by that time. Winking smile

Went over to Logos Hope Floating Book Fair on that sat with Yan and Oonie, too! the fair was kind of small to me and the books? I don’t know but somehow they didn’t interest me much as most of the novels are classics… We did “practice” some of the scene of William Shakespeare's play though… It was sold there as well… Smile with tongue out

Before leaving the ship, we even messed around with the story on the walls… XDD

320236_10150304911608010_737218009_7919228_2068159_n  312123_10150304910663010_737218009_7919211_8129020_n

014[4] 296938_10150304910433010_737218009_7919206_4817394_n

photo credits to both Oonie and Yan for I was too lazy to fish out my camera that day… Smile with tongue out

Went over to pay Oonie’s kitties a visit as well~ hehe…

IMG_6262 IMG_6259


Moving on~ to Moepa Autumn Sharin Workshop day!!! wee~ ^^ that day was seriously fun! A memory worth keeping~ ^^ Well, the girls and I along with my sis met up for Tim Sum before going over for the workshop~ yumm~ hehe…

Upon reaching the ballroom where they held the event, we saw lots of cosplayers too! ^^ In that workshop, they taught us how to apply make up to make our face look thinner… From a mooncake to a sunflower seed… Smile with tongue out haha… Followed by how to mention your wig and keeping it properly~

IMG_6275 IMG_6273

the girls and I~ ^^ and my sis, Adam Lambert junior of the day aka Lambie~ (due to her dressing… Smile with tongue out)

IMG_6285 IMG_6305

Saw the mysterious hooded man… O.O and also, Yan’s doppeldanger? XD

Anyway, there was a mini competition held on that day, Guess the song title, and to our delight, Yan had won! >3< She got herself a small Miku figurine! O.O


smiling away with the prize in her hands~ I guess her afford in watching and updating herself with animes paid off… Smile with tongue out hehe

IMG_6286 IMG_6296 IMG_6281 IMG_6264

After the workshop has ended, we went over to Straits Quay for jalan jalan while waiting for our dinner time…

And on that day, for the very first time, we girls had a steamboat gathering!!! wee~~~ ^^ although only 5 of us were there… >< the other 3 can’t make it… :X Anyways, we had a tremendous load of fun that night~ with all jokes, crap and laughter in between meals… we did talk about our college life, uni life as well… sharing and exchanging info on our lifes… updating one another… :) Time really flies when you were having fun… hehe…

and of cause, funny hilarious pics were captured during that time as well! XD

314361_10150309345828010_737218009_7956233_1445962464_n  293649_10150309345363010_737218009_7956231_1051244990_n


Smile with tongue out

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