Friday, June 25, 2010

hohoho~~~ In 2 days time, I'll be like this (Picture) d~ except not that show off.. Had just arrived home just now. Took the 5.30pm bus home but unfortunately it was delayed to 6pm so yeah, my friends and I had to wait at the station for an hour! Long huh? U bet!

Anyway, it felt so much nicer to be home~ Back to the familiar environment with the people you know and the selok-belok of the island~ hoho... Compare to the hectic life of KL, Penang is indeed a paradise~ =D
Besides the fact that I do not get to online yet as the our application of streamyx is still under the waiting list... So yeah, I was stuck with nothing but tutorials, tests and assignments the whole time~ Terrible... Can say that my life over there had been quite boring as everyday is the same old routine... Why? Cause it evolves only around swimming, work and sleep (besides meal times of course)... Thus, it spells b-o-r-i-n-g...
But of cos there are events once in a while which made life slightly interesting... Like the birthday parties that my housemates throw for their friends~ I was involved as well and get to know alot of them better... =)
Then I went for shopping at the same mall twice in two consecutive weeks! but with different group of friends~ =D
So yeah, can say that it was kind of fun although every minute of that fun, my money is draining out like nobody's business... ^^" (money growing wings-->^$^)

lols... I guess I'll stop here for this post... Maybe will blog when I have the mood again... =/

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